Saturday, March 14, 2009

Key West Reunion!

Last night Jen, Chris, Mark and I went to Layton to meet Heidi and Porter. It was a Key West roommate reunion! It is the first time we have all been able to hang out husbands and all! We have all gone to each other's weddings, but there wasn't really time to sit down and chat. It was so much fun! We went to Applebees and went bowling. I love those girls! Key West was a hard 4 1/2 months because we were away from our families during the holidays, long distance relationship dramas, and our other roommate was going through some sort of identity crisis which put a lot of stress on us all. We lived through the most active Atlantic hurricane season in history! We cleaned up after Katrina and survived Rita and Wilma. There are so many great memories also though. Del Sol, beaches, laying out, snorkeling, parasailing, riding sea doos around the island, Dry Tortugas, the ghost tour, Miami, Miami Zoo, Jupiter :), the Everglades, Bike Week, the speed boat races, Rick's Upstairs, the Real World, the Conch Republic, Fantasy Fest, the Bone Island Shuttle...I could go on and on! I knew Jen before we went, but I am so glad that we were able to meet Heidi. She is such a great girl and a fantastic friend. I am so glad we are all still friends and we can hang out together!

Mark....his prime is gone!

This week was Mark's last Spring Break before he graduates! As I write this he shouts to the ceiling, "Oh no! It is my last Spring Break EVER!" because he didn't realize it until I just wrote that. hahaha...I feel a mid-twenties crisis coming on in my husband. ANYWAY...Tuesday he went snowboarding and the second run down the mountain he took a jump and he thought it was going to be powder, but it was ice and he cracked his board and hurt his back. Instead of bouncing right back up like he would if he were 18 it hurt him! Poor guy! He snowboarded the rest of the day thanks to an 800mg Ibuprofen. I found him laying dejectedly on the couch when I got home from work.

The next day he went snowmobiling with his brothers even though his back still hurt. When I got home from work that night he was laying on the couch looking sad again. I started to make dinner and he came in and hobbled around following me explaining that he will never get any better at snowboarding or anything else because he has reached his peak. He is going to be 26 this year! hahaha...he is so cute! He makes me laugh! Thursday, Friday, and now Saturday he is still hobbling around, but finally feeling a little bit better. I have been making sure he uses ice and heat on his back. We are hoping he will be feeling better for his raquetball competition at BYU this next weekend and for Nationals 2 weeks after that.


I am giving in! I said I wasn't going to set up a blog until I could be a "stay at home blogger", but Jen talked me into it one Saturday about a month ago. See if I ever invite her over again while Chris is working a weekend! :) Just kidding! I just figured blogs were for documenting the nightma....uhhh joys of raising children. Plus, when I get home from work I just want to a book, watch TV....not worry about updating my blog! So...just as a warning...I am not going to be very good at this! :)