Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thanks to Kristen

I just have to clarify from the last post that the only way I (Mark) was able to do well in school was because of Kristen's support. She allowed me to focus on school by working so hard and taking care of everything else. My dad keeps joking that in his college days the wives of graduates were honored by receiving a 'PhT' (putting hubby through) degree. Well, if anyone deserves one it would be my wife! Thank you Kristen for putting me through school and being so supportive - even with the many all-night projects!

One of the many all-nighters that I won't miss one bit!

I have to agree that Kristen does make some very amazing trees though!


On May 2nd Mark graduated! Wooohooo! He graduated with honors from Utah State with a bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. It was a very exciting day since Mark has been working towards it for 6 years! It took him forever to figure out what he wanted to do. We didn't know he was graduating with honors until we looked in the commencement program. I don't know how he did it when EVERY project was turned in late! I have been around for 4 of the 6 years of college, and I have learned that Mark is a procrastinator and perfectionist which is a hard combination. I can't even tell you people how many all nighters he has pulled! I only pulled one with him in all the years...I made trees for him all night. They were amazing trees if I do say so myself! :) Other than that, I couldn't help much because I don't really have an artistic bone in my body. He is so smart and talented. I am very proud of him.
We haven't had any luck with the job search yet, but I am not discouraged. We have always been taken care of. He will be working for Landscape Expressions like he has for the past 3 summers for now. His boss Ben is a great guy and has been very generous to us. I think one more summer of manual labor will help light a fire so he will look harder for a job in a landscaping firm doing design work instead of the labor. :) We are still in limbo right now, but I am very excited for what the future holds.
Mark marching into the Spectrum...
My cousin Bryce graduated the same day! I was excited I got to see him. Wooohooo Bryce!

Mark getting his degree...It was a LONG ceremony. It reminded me of why I skipped all my graduations...I went to my seminary graduation and that is it! hahaha...I graduated a semester early in high school so I decided to skip the ceramony 6 months later because it was our last night in Germany and I wanted to be with my friends. Then I decided to skip again when I got my associates degree at BYU-Idaho. I didn't mind supporting Mark though. :)

Mark and his parents...we had to take all our pictures in doors because is was raining so hard all day. :(
I thought this picture was funny because Mark's Dad was like,"Smile like you are having a baby next week!" or something like that hahaha...I think my face says it all! Don't rush me people! I will get there eventually! :) Notice Mark doesn't look too excited either!
Congratulations Honey! I love you!