Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thanks to Kristen

I just have to clarify from the last post that the only way I (Mark) was able to do well in school was because of Kristen's support. She allowed me to focus on school by working so hard and taking care of everything else. My dad keeps joking that in his college days the wives of graduates were honored by receiving a 'PhT' (putting hubby through) degree. Well, if anyone deserves one it would be my wife! Thank you Kristen for putting me through school and being so supportive - even with the many all-night projects!

One of the many all-nighters that I won't miss one bit!

I have to agree that Kristen does make some very amazing trees though!


  1. Congrat's Mark, we're sorry we couldn't be at your ceremony, we were moving into the BL house all weekend (in the rain) yuck! Kristen is an awesome supporting wife and I love having her as my sister in law :)

  2. Congratty's!! I know how that is to have a spouse who helps out with all those annoying projects!! I still don't miss it!