Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kordan's Mission Call

One of the biggest highlights over the 4th of July weekend was my youngest brother, Kordan, getting his mission call. Mom called and we were on one of the many phones they had going when he opened it. We were all guessing that it would be state side because it was such a thin envelope, so when we found out where he was going I think everyone was in shock. The video is priceless so hopefully I can download it. He is going to Vladivostok, Russia! At first when he said it, I thought he was kidding but it is real! He goes into the MTC on October 7th so we have a month from when Kortney (my older sister) gets home from her mission to when he leaves that we can have a family reunion.
I just want to say how much I love my family and what a great example each one of my siblings is to me. We may all be spread across the country, but we are still a very close knit family. After all the moves we have been through and the only people we knew being each other, we turned into each others best friends. It didn't seem like it growing up sometime, but that is the case now. Kordan is going to make a great missionary because he is such a hard worker and so charismatic. He has an amazing testimony and I can't wait for him to share it with the people in Russia! :)


  1. Russia...that is so exciting!! And only one month before your sister gets home that is crazy. We are coming to Utah for the 24th of July and hope to see you while we are there. We are going to bless Brynlee on the 25th in Ogden at 3 I think. If you don't have plans you should come down. :) I will give you details later.

  2. I am hoping camping does not work out. :) lol. We are blessing Brynlee Saturday in Sunset (near Ogden) at 3:00. You are more than welcome, but don't feel like you have to. I know it's a little drive. Sunday we are going to spend in Logan so if you don't go camping we can for sure meet up then!!