Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kildew Lane 4th of July

I know I am slow! I am just getting around to telling about the rest of our 4th of July. At least I am doing it while we are still in July! :) We went up to my Grandparent's house for the 4th. They live kind of in the middle of nowhere between two small towns in Idaho. I love it up there! We don't get cell phone reception or anything. I use to go live with my grandparents during the summer between semesters while I was going to BYU-Idaho. It is definatly my second home. Wherever my parents are is my first. I may never have seen where they live, but it is crazy how the second I walk into their home wherever it is, it just feels like home. Anyway! So I am really close to my Grandparents and I am so glad Mark really enjoys going up and visiting them. It probably has to do with the fact that my Grandma is an AWESOME cook and loves to cook for Mark because he eats soooo much! :) It is just relaxing also. So our 4th was filled with food, sun, sleep, tennis (I almost cried when Roddick lost Wimbledon! He fought so hard!), and Shoshone Falls. I have tons of pictures so...here we go!

First off, the drive up was BEAUTIFUL. There was a storm rolling in and it was so cool to watch.
The next morning, Grandpa going to check on the fields. Just a Good 'ol Boy and his horse. :)
We went to Shoshone Falls near Twin Falls on the 4th. It was so cool! It is the perfect year to go because the water is so high.

We had a picnic in a park area near the Falls. It was fryin' hot but so much fun. Great idea Grandma and Grandpa!


Jack, after Mark did his hair...he's a new man!
My Grandparent's house and yard...I have never seen it so green. Love the rain!
The view behind their house...I love it out there!
We had a beautiful sunset on our drive home also. The End!


  1. all these pics are fabulous!! I was cracking up at Jack....and the fact that Mark did his hair, but he really is a new horse!! haha, love you guys we need to hang out soon and especially at the beach cuz the summer is almost over it seems like :)

  2. Kristen! It's your old roomie Suz!!! It's so good to see who you married and how you're doing! I found you and Jen through Kat's blog and I'm so glad we have a way to keep in touch. You look SO SO great! LV YOU!! XOXOX

  3. So I finally added you as a link to my blog so I can know what you are up to. By doing that, you have to start actually updating your blog. No excuses. You look so great in these pictures.