Saturday, May 9, 2009


On May 2nd Mark graduated! Wooohooo! He graduated with honors from Utah State with a bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. It was a very exciting day since Mark has been working towards it for 6 years! It took him forever to figure out what he wanted to do. We didn't know he was graduating with honors until we looked in the commencement program. I don't know how he did it when EVERY project was turned in late! I have been around for 4 of the 6 years of college, and I have learned that Mark is a procrastinator and perfectionist which is a hard combination. I can't even tell you people how many all nighters he has pulled! I only pulled one with him in all the years...I made trees for him all night. They were amazing trees if I do say so myself! :) Other than that, I couldn't help much because I don't really have an artistic bone in my body. He is so smart and talented. I am very proud of him.
We haven't had any luck with the job search yet, but I am not discouraged. We have always been taken care of. He will be working for Landscape Expressions like he has for the past 3 summers for now. His boss Ben is a great guy and has been very generous to us. I think one more summer of manual labor will help light a fire so he will look harder for a job in a landscaping firm doing design work instead of the labor. :) We are still in limbo right now, but I am very excited for what the future holds.
Mark marching into the Spectrum...
My cousin Bryce graduated the same day! I was excited I got to see him. Wooohooo Bryce!

Mark getting his degree...It was a LONG ceremony. It reminded me of why I skipped all my graduations...I went to my seminary graduation and that is it! hahaha...I graduated a semester early in high school so I decided to skip the ceramony 6 months later because it was our last night in Germany and I wanted to be with my friends. Then I decided to skip again when I got my associates degree at BYU-Idaho. I didn't mind supporting Mark though. :)

Mark and his parents...we had to take all our pictures in doors because is was raining so hard all day. :(
I thought this picture was funny because Mark's Dad was like,"Smile like you are having a baby next week!" or something like that hahaha...I think my face says it all! Don't rush me people! I will get there eventually! :) Notice Mark doesn't look too excited either!
Congratulations Honey! I love you!


  1. Yeah, congrats Mark! That is so nice to be done with school. Yipee! Hopefully You find a job that you love. Good Luck!

    Kristen I love your face in the picture where your father in law told you to smile like you are having a baby next week. You're so funny!
    Kids are the best though. No pressure! :)

  2. Congrats to Mark!!! And I totally agree Kristen on the graduation stuff., but way to support Mark.

    Well in the job searches don't leave out Arizona :)

  3. You are so beautiful my suey lewy!

    Love the baby pic, haha, yeah pretty sure my face woulda been like, huh, whaaaa?